Non consumption use

ZMB - Legal Hub - Non consumption use - Picture © Alessandra Tomassi


Activities such as animal watching, photographing, bird watching, walking in the wilderness, a walking safari, angling, canoeing and boating, can be conducted in a tourist block, which can be located in protected areas, such as National parks or Community partnership parks,  or in Game Management Areas (GMAs). The DNPW regulates non-consumptive tourism operations and in partnership with local communities, grant concessions to non-consumptive tourism operators in Game Management Areas in GMAs, and grants tourism block concessions in tourism blocks. A person holding a tourism enterprise licence can be issued a photographic tour operator’s permit. CRBs can negotiate, in conjunction with the Department, co-management agreements with photographic tour operators. According to the National Parks and Wildlife Policy, some of the challenges that need to be addressed in the wildlife sector are: inadequate funding from the central treasury for wildlife conservation; inadequate incentives for the conservation of wildlife on customary lands vis-à-vis lack of security of tenure;  the inability to adequately access and benefit from wildlife resources; and weak sectoral linkages and coordination with other sector policies that have both direct and indirect bearing on the wildlife and tourism sector.